FAQ about ODU AMC® High-Density

What are ODU AMC® connectors?

ODU AMC® is a rugged, metal, miniature connector for extreme environmental conditions. The connectors are waterproof, mated and unmated, with a robust mechanical coding with a visual indicator, and are EMI shielded.

What are ODU AMC® connectors suitable for?

The connectors have been designed and tested to survive in harsh environments that are detrimental to the performance of connectors. They are designed to withstand conditions such as sand and dust, extreme temperatures, humidity, corrosion, solar radiation, shock, vibration and torque and other extreme conditions causing problems for a connector.

What qualifies the ODU AMC® connector to be a really good choice?

ODU connectors ensure reliable electrical communication in the most demanding conditions, whether in extreme environment or under high mechanical stress.

What different series belong to ODU AMC® connector portfolio?

The ODU AMC® Classic with Break‐Away function was designed for connections that can be mated or demated in seconds, even under field conditions. One pull on the cable is enough to demate the connection. And naturally the plug can be mated again just as quickly.

  • Quick demating of the connection with a pull on the cable
  • Simple mating and locking
  • Always an unambiguous locking and mating state

ODU AMC® Classic Push‐Pull can be swiftly mated without force and unmated quickly – and you can do both blind, without needing to see the connector. The locking state is unambiguous and reliable even in hard‐to‐access places.

  • Quick and simple mating and locking
  • Quick and easy demating
  • Blind mating and demating possible
  • Low space requirements for devices
  • Unambiguous and reliable locking state
  • Low force required

ODU AMC® High‐Density connectors are robust miniature connector solutions. The compact and lightweight connectors offer high performance transmission, easy handling and high reliability. With a diameter of less than 10 mm to 18.5 mm and a contact density of up to 27 contacts, the ODU AMC® High‐Density series proves that premium quality can also come in small packages. In addition to the High‐Density signal connector, the range also includes versions for „Power“ (up to 15 A) and „Data Transfer“ (USB® 3.2 Gen1x11 with 5A power) in the most compact space.

No matter how harsh the environment, whether exposed to snow, mud or dust, the ODU AMC® Easy‐Clean capability of these connector solutions enables high performance and high usability. The unique spring loaded pin system and the design of the connector respond to all the stringent requirements of the most challenging environments

ODU AMC® Threaded technologies in the ODU AMC® Series T are especially favored for applications requiring an additional degree of security or when environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure or vibration cause problem for other interconnect products.

ODU AMC® is available in a wide range of sizes and contact inserts. You can chose between four versions: Push‐Pull, Break‐Away, Easy‐Clean and High‐Density.

What is the application are of a ODU AMC® connector?

This connector solution suits for future soldier communication systems (C4I) that require significant weight and space reduction for field radios, portable computers, night vision systems, digital scopes, GPS antennas, soldier control units, UAVs, airborne vehicles and navigation modules.

What is the temperature range for the advanced military connectors?

The temperature range is from –51°C up to +125°C. See the catalogues for further details.

For what type of applications should I select ODU AMC® connectors from ODU?

AMC product lines are used worldwide for mission‐critical land, sea and aerospace equipment in a wide variety of applications, such as navigation modules, soldier control units, rugged computers, group voice/data units, UAVs, airborne vehicles, GPS antennas, C4ISTAR Systems.

Are STEP Files and Data Sheets available?

You can find STEP Files and Data Sheets in the ODU Product Finder.