FAQ about the ODU MINI‐MED®

What is the ODU MINI‐MED® Connector?

ODU MINI‐MED® is a highly reliable German‐engineered plastic circular connector including cable assembly. At the same time it is the smallest plastic circular connector within the ODU standard portfolio. The ODU MINI‐MED® is equipped with a Cable Assembly, which is approved for IP 67 in mated condition using the Break‐Away locking system. The connector including cable assembly characterizes itself through a couple of key functions: Good grip and handy, lightweight, blind mating, audible locking, space‐saving, connector and cable assembly from a single source.

Which materials are used in the ODU MINI-MED® connectors?

The ODU MINI‐MED®’s PA connector housing and insulator is made from one molding part. The overmolding is made from TPU and the ODU MINI‐MED® is equipped with a PVC cable. A silicone cable is available on request.

Where are the ODU MINI‐MED® connectors normally applied?

Because of their versatility, the ODU MINI‐MED® connectors are used in a wide range of applications such as medical technology, industry and as well in the test & measurement sector. The ODU MINI‐MED® always comes into play when a smart connector is essential which still meets a spectrum of diverse requirements. As an example, the ODU MINI‐MED® perfectly supports the mobility of E‐bikes, fitness and wellness machines or various kinds of monitors like portable patient monitors or blood pressure monitors.

Is cable assembly possible?
We offer a complete solution: Connector plus cable. ODU has the suitable cable assembly, whether as a standard version or customized to meet specific requirements. We design, manufacture and assemble these products in‐house.

What exactly is a mating cycle and how often can you connect and disconnect an ODU MINI‐MED® connector?

A mating cycle consists of one insertion and withdrawal action. ODU’s MINI‐MED® series withstands at least 1,000 mating cycles.

How do I compare and choose the correct ODU MINI‐MED® style for my application?

The best way to select the correct connector for your application is to try a sample. The easiest way to get a sample is to get in contact with your local point of sale or ask for assistance with the selection process.