ODU-USA extends the connector offering available in 48 hours

Camarillo, February 1, 2022

ODU, a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing high performance connector solutions, is extending its 48 hour connector offering available to the North American market.

The German-engineered ODU MINI-SNAP® is a circular connector solution with Push-Pull locking and metal housing.

An extended range of this connector is now available in 48 hours to the local North American customers. This includes ODU MINI-SNAP® L, K and F Series readily available now with solder contacts and several keyway options. Additional product features include: high connector density, high performance power, signal, data or other media transfer, multiple keying options, IP50 and IP68, 5,000+ mating cycles durability, contacts for solder, quick and easy mating and demating, RoHS compliant, low power and space requirements, easy cleaning of the housing, customizable capabilities, cable assembly integrated solutions.

Available now in 48 hours and for immediate online purchase, ODU MINI-SNAP® L, K and F Series is valuable to a wide range of applications from the medical, industrial, test and measurement, military and security and automotive applications.

The ODU readily available connector offering includes also the plastic circular connector - ODU MEDI-SNAP®.

ODU MEDI-SNAP® is a plastic circular connector with push-pull locking designed for reusable and disposable medical applications. Some additional connector features include versatile keying options, 2,000+ mating cycle durability, simple assembly, customizable capabilities, RoHS compliant, touch-proof housing, IP67 rating, and a unique right angle plug option. The connectors are also autoclavable and sterilizable.

Available in 48 hours and for online purchase, this connector is valuable to all the medical applications designed for medical emergency response teams and hospitals where the equipment must be kept sanitary at all times. With its lightweight and high chemical resistance, ODU MEDI-SNAP® is also ideal for industrial and test and measurement applications.

As part of their vertical integration, the ODU manufacturing capabilities allow customers to obtain an improved flexibility of their R&D process by offering rapid prototyping services and fast sample availability in order to provide a complete assembly solution. Additional customer benefits include one to one engineering support and custom connector capabilities.

Buy the ODU MINI-SNAP® L,K,F Series and ODU MEDI-SNAP® online here: store.odu-usa.com . For more product information visit: ODU Circular Connectors