ODU Industrial Connectors

ODU provides a broad portfolio of circular and rectangular connectors for a wide variety of industrial applications, including machine control systems, robotic technology, sensors and inspection. The ODU connectors are ideal for the toughest requirements in industrial environments that require reliable and rugged interconnect solutions.

  • High contact reliability
  • High-speed & high-density
  • High mating cycles
  • Rugged & harsh environments
  • Vibration & shock resistant
  • High voltage
  • Compact
  • Modular & mixed inserts
  • Automatic & manual docking
  • IP rated
  • Cable assembly integrated solutions

ODU industrial modular connectors

ODU industrial circular connectors

ODU industrial electrical contacts

Secure connection across a wide range of requirements

Our connector systems and customized solutions ensure a reliable connection across a wide range of requirements. In addition to signal, power, high current, high voltage, RF signal (coax), media such as air or fluid, data, and fiber‐optic signal can also be transmitted.

Use under extreme environmental conditions

Strong vibrations and forces, high and low temperatures, and fluctuating temperature cycles require specially designed technologies. Our electrical connectors for industrial applications meet extreme technical requirements – from high pressures to temperatures of up to 400°C. Even under high voltage, ODU’s interconnect solutions are always reliable – from connectors for manufacturing plants to solutions for urban streetcars.

Everything you need from a single source

For our cable assemblies, ODU works with experienced industrial electronics suppliers. The result is an economical standard system solution that meets your individual requirements.

Cost efficiency through high availability

As a result of our highly flexible solutions, ODU has the ability to provide large quantities of connectors in a timely efficient manner for various industrial applications including control systems, plant monitoring, or transportation systems.

Automatic and manual mating

ODU Connector systems offer both the option of manual mating and automatic docking. With our modular connectors, you can configure the frames in accordance with your individual needs. You also benefit from our wide range of modules and easy assembly.

Complete system solutions from a single source

We offer highly reliable system solutions – either based on our standard offering or customized to meet your specific requirements.

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