ODU Military and Security Connectors

ODU Military Connectors are highly reliable, SMALLER-LIGHTER- FASTER connectors that can withstand harsh operating and environmental conditions. These high-speed & high-density connectors are ideal for soldier communication systems, military vehicles and unmanned systems ( UAV/UGV/UAS) and also for all the military applications including power management devices, software defined & air traffic control radios, secure and encrypted communication, VoIP, computer/PAN and data recording devices.

  • High-speed data capable including USB®, Ethernet and HDMI®1
  • High-density: up to 70% weight and size reduction
  • Rugged, robust housing with non-reflective surface
  • Watertight protection IP68 / IP69 / IP6K8 / IP6K9K
  • Break-away & dual lock: break-away with threaded coupling ring
  • Cable assembly integrated solutions

* The orange dots show the applicability of ODU connectors

ODU military circular connectors

ODU military modular connectors

ODU military electrical contacts

Miniaturization and reduced weight

Our connector solutions are characterized by reduced weight and low space requirements on devices. This allows operators to stay in the field longer and carry additional equipment.

Reliable functionality under extreme operating and environmental conditions

The extreme resilience and transmission reliability of our connector solutions are guaranteed, even under the most demanding environment conditions. Our complete solutions are designed for military applications that require an additional level of security and are used in harsh environmental conditions, such as:

  • Pressure (protection class IP6K9K), vibration or water (protection class IP6K8)
  • Operating temperatures from –65°C up to +175°C

Easy handling

Our complete solutions for military, security, and communications technology ensure easier handling in hazardous situations due to the innovative connector design – even when the operator’s freedom of movement is impaired, for example, by protective equipment such as gloves, night vision devices, or thermal imaging equipment.

  • Blind mating for constant usability
  • Quick and easy cleaning of the connectors in the field
  • High number of mating cycles


Reliable data transmission

ODU Connectors ensure a fast and trouble‐free flow of information thanks to a combination of flexible connections, compact dimensions, and high speeds. Signals, power, high and low voltage, and coax can all be transmitted. Flawless signal integrity plays an especially important role in highly networked system solutions. This is the only way to ensure that field operators can get a clear picture of the situation and make their strategic and tactical decisions based on up‐to‐date information.

Customized, field-configurable system solutions

Your ODU connector solution is perfectly tailored to the requirements of your applications – flexible, robust, and lightweight. Various types of contact connection are available – MIL standard contacts as well as crimp, solder, and print versions. ODU offers the complete package with:

  • Connector
  • Assembly for cable connection via overmolding or with standard MIL backshells (MIL standard 38999),  as well as connections to flex and PCB solutions on the device side.
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