High‐speed data technology and high‐frequency transmission

Highest speeds for maximum data throughput: Every year, the global data volume increases exponentionally. In order to handle these enormous amounts of data, high transmission speeds and a stable signal are essential.

  • Large data volumes and high data‐transfer rates
  • Optimal signal integrity
  • ODU connectors and cables are optimally matched and tested
  • Standard data technology and development of customized solutions


Constant signal integrity and versatile applications

ODU connector systems for high‐speed data technology are based on our extensive know‐how in the development and coordination of components. We simulate and develop all components to ensure optimal signal integrity. At the same time, our solutions are characterized by the following characteristics: robustness, vibration resistance, and a high number of mating cycles.

This ideal combination makes our connector systems suitable for a wide variety of applications – whether as a standard version or a customized solution.

Available data transmission protocols

  • Ethernet/IP®¹
  • USB®¹
  • HDMI®¹
  • DisplayPort®¹
  • SPE / Automotive Ethernet
  • and many more

¹These ODU‐specific connectors can transmit common data transmission protocols such as Ethernet/IP®, USB®, HDMI®, and DisplayPort®, however they are not standard Ethernet/IP®, USB®, HDMI® or DisplayPort® connectors.



Variable speeds and maximum reliability

Our system solutions for high‐speed data transmission ensure differential signaling of the highest quality.

Professional execution of the cable assembly and high‐quality components have a major influence on the speeds that can actually be achieved. ODU creates simulations of the entire transmission chain and provides complex system solutions that achieve the desired performance – even under real‐world conditions.

More advantages of high‐speed data transmission from ODU

  • Rapid availability of standardized complete solutions
  • Cables and cable assembly as a tested system solution
  • Development of exclusive and customized interfaces
  • Simulations and testing as early as the development phase

ODU Fiber Optic – for reliable optical connections

Solutions for harsh environments and a high number of mating cycles, as well as for standard requirements.

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